smart Safety

the smart car safety concept
Every smart is crammed with engineering designed by the forward-thinking safety pioneers at Mercedes-Benz to meet the strongest industry standards and beyond. Meet the awesome features that come standard with every smart below.

patented tridion safety cell
Inspired by racecar roll cages, the reinforced high-strength steel tridion safety cell is engineered to be a barrier between you and pretty much anything else you might encounter. It evenly distributes crash energy so you'll have peace of mind.

smart esp
smart's Electronic Stability Program means you stay steady, even if the road isn't so friendly. If you're ever in danger of swerving, the ESP recognizes the danger before you do and reacts automatically. It throttles the engine and brakes the wheels to keep you in control, especially in the most shaky conditions.

crash management system
Seat belt tensioners, belt force limiters and a collapsible steering column make for a completely protective car that's thought of everything. In the event of a crash, the smart crash management system makes decisions quickly by automatically shutting off the engine, turning on the hazards lights and unlocking the doors.

full-size airbags
Mercedes-Benz invented the airbag back in 1981. Building on 30 years of airbag innovation, they equipped smart with 8 full-size airbags (6 in the cabriolet). Top-to-bottom. Side-to-side. Up-and-down. Everyone inside a smart enjoys all around safety.

smart abs
Things can pop up out of nowhere especially while you're driving. The smart Anti-Lock Braking System prevents the wheels from locking during braking. This allows you to steer safely and stay in control.

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